How to get RICHES

                            PRECEPT I.
1In Things of moment, on thy self depend,
2Nor trust too far thy Servant or thy Friend:
3With private Views, thy Friend may promise fair,
4And Servants very seldom prove sincere.
                            PRECEPT II.
5What can be done, with Care perform to Day,
6Dangers unthought-of will attend Delay;
7Your distant Prospects all precarious are,
8And Fortune is as fickle as she's fair.
                            PRECEPT III.
9Nor trivial Loss, nor trivial Gain despise;
10Molehills, if often heap'd, to Mountains rise:
11Weigh every small Expence, and nothing waste,
12Farthings long sav'd, amount to Pounds at last.
Publication Notes: 
The Complete Poor Richard Almanacks, intro. Whitfield J. Bell, Jr., Vol. 2, 1748-1758 (Barre, Massachusetts: The Imprint Society, Inc., 1970): 67. PS 749 A3 1970 Robarts Library First published in 1749.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire