The House on the Hill

Original Text: 
Collected Poems, with an introduction by John Drinkwater (London: Cecil Palmer, 1922): 81-82. PS 3535 O25A17 1922 Robarts Library.
1They are all gone away,
2    The House is shut and still,
3There is nothing more to say.
4Through broken walls and gray
5    The winds blow bleak and shrill:
6They are all gone away.
7Nor is there one to-day
8    To speak them good or ill:
9There is nothing more to say.
10Why is it then we stray
11    Around the sunken sill?
12They are all gone away,
13And our poor fancy-play
14    For them is wasted skill:
15There is nothing more to say.
16There is ruin and decay
17    In the House on the Hill:
18They are all gone away,
19There is nothing more to say.
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Publication Notes: 
The Globe (Sept. 1894): 828.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.