Holy Thursday: Is this a holy thing to see

Original Text: 
William Blake, Songs of Experience (1794). Blake's Illuminated Books, ed. David Bindman (Princeton, NJ: William Blake Trust; London: Tate Gallery, 1991-). See Vol. 2. PR 4142 B46 1991 ROBA.
1Is this a holy thing to see
2In a rich and fruitful land,
3Babes reduc'd to misery,
4Fed with cold and usurous hand?
5Is that trembling cry a song?
6Can it be a song of joy?
7And so many children poor?
8It is a land of poverty!
9And their sun does never shine,
10And their fields are bleak and bare,
11And their ways are fill'd with thorns:
12It is eternal winter there.
13For where-e'er the sun does shine,
14And where-e'er the rain does fall,
15Babe can never hunger there,
16Nor poverty the mind appall.
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RPO poem Editors: 
Northrop Frye
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3RP 2.282.