His Prayer for Absolution

Original Text: 
Robert Herrick, Hesperides (London: for John Williams and F. Eglesfield to be sold by Thomas Hunt, 1648), of which a section called "His Noble Numbers: or, his Pious Pieces" has a separate title-page dated 1647. Facs. edn. Menston: Scolar, 1969. PR 3512 H4 1648A ROBA
1For those my unbaptized rhymes,
2Writ in my wild unhallowed times,
3For every sentence, clause, and word,
4That's not inlaid with Thee, my Lord,
5Forgive me, God, and blot each line
6Out of my book, that is not Thine.
7But if, 'mongst all, Thou find'st here one
8Worthy thy benediction,
9That one of all the rest shall be
10The glory of my work, and me.
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RPO poem Editors: 
N. J. Endicott
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3RP 1.205.