Of his Lady's Old Age

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Andrew Lang, Ballads and Lyrics of Old France (London: Longmans, Green, 1913): 33. Internet Archive.

1When you are very old, at evening
2    You'll sit and spin beside the fire, and say,
3    Humming my songs, "Ah well, ah well-a-day!
4When I was young, of me did Ronsard sing."
5None of your maidens that doth hear the thing,
6    Albeit with her weary task foredone,
7    But wakens at my name, and calls you one
8Blest, to be held in long remembering.
9I shall be low beneath the earth, and laid
10On sleep, a phantom in the myrtle shade,
11    While you beside the fire, a grandame grey,
12My love, your pride, remember and regret;
13Ah, love me, love! we may be happy yet,
14    And gather roses, while 'tis called to-day.
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