Here Lies Poor Nick

Original Text: 
Sydney Smith, The Letters of Peter Plymley, intro. G. C. Heseltine (New York: J. M. Dent, 1929): 288. PR 5456 A5H4 Robarts Library
1Here lies poor Nick, an honest creature,
2Of faithful, gentle, courteous nature;
3A parlour pet unspoil'd by favour,
4A pattern of good dog behaviour.
5Without a wish, without a dream
7Contentedly through life he trotted
8Along the path that fate allotted;
9Till time, his aged body wearing,
10Bereaved him of his sight and hearing,
11Then laid him down without a pain,
12To sleep, and never wake again.


6] Cheam: a town in Surrey, England. Back to Line
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not known
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Ian Lancashire
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