The Heart of Night

Original Text: 
Bliss Carman, Later Poems (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1921), p. 124. PS 8455 A7A17 1921 Robarts Library.
1When all the stars are sown
2Across the night-blue space,
3With the immense unknown,
4In silence face to face.
5We stand in speechless awe
6While Beauty marches by,
7And wonder at the Law
8Which wears such majesty.
9How small a thing is man
10In all that world-sown vast,
11That he should hope or plan
12Or dream his dream could last!
13O doubter of the light,
14Confused by fear and wrong,
15Lean on the heart of night
16And let love make thee strong!
17The Good that is the True
18Is clothed with Beauty still.
19Lo, in their tent of blue,
20The stars above the hill!
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.