For He was Scotch and So was She

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Jean Blewett, Heart Songs (Toronto: George N. Morang, 1897): 127-28. Internet Archive.
1They were a couple well-content
2With what they earned and what they spent,
3Cared not a whit for style's decree,
4For he was Scotch, and so was she.
6Dear, lithesome, tender, Bobby Burns!
7They never wearied of his song,
8He never sang a note too strong,
9One little fault could neither see,
10For he was Scotch, and so was she.
11They loved to read of men who stood
12And gave for country, life and blood,
13Who held their faith so dear a thing
14They scorned to yield it to a king;
15Ah! proud of such they well might be--
16For he was Scotch, and so was she.
17From neighbor's broil they kept away--
18No liking for such things had they,
19And O, each had a cannie mind!
20Each could be deaf, and dumb, and blind;
21Of words--nor pence--were none too free--
22For he was Scotch, and so was she.
23I would not have you think this pair
24Went on in weather always fair,
25For well you know in married life
26Will come, sometimes, the jar and strife;
27They couldn't always just agree--
28For he was Scotch, and so was she.
29But near of heart they ever kept,
30Until at close of life they slept,
31Just this to say when all was past--
32They loved each other to the last,
33They're loving yet in heaven, maybe--
34For he was Scotch, and so was she.


5] Burns: Robert Burns (1759-1796), Scottish bard. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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