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Collected Poems of Raymond Souster, Vol. 9: 1993-1995 (Ottawa: Oberon Press, 2003): 117. PS 8537 O87A17 Robarts Library
1At the poetry reading
3her phone-number on a piece of paper,
4said, give me a call some time.
5But I never did,
6instead, walked one day
8then, much too unsure to knock,
9went back by the way I'd come.
10They're saying near the end
11she went searching neighbourhood alleys
12for stray cats, and of course
13drank far too much,
14but I don't want to know about it.
15Enough that I walked by her house,
16afraid our lives over so many years
17had drifted too far apart
18for even casual conversation,
19afraid where she was bold,
20cautious where she took chances,
21not wanting even now to believe
22she could easily have died all alone.


2] Croft Chapter House, University College, University of Toronto, a popular venue for literary events. Back to Line
7] A house between Harbord Street and Bloor Street, just west of Spadina, near the University of Toronto. Back to Line
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No Sad Songs Wanted Here (1995)
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Ian Lancashire
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