Gently on the Stream of Time

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Mortal refrains: the Complete Collected Poetry, Prose, and Songs of Julia A. Moore, the Sweet Singer of Michigan, ed. Thomas J. Riedlinger (East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 1998): 99-100. PS 2430 .M3 1998 Robarts Library. A Few Choice Words to the Public, with New and Original Poems (Grand Rapids, Michigan: C. M. Loomis, 1878).
1Gently on the stream of time,
2    We are floating day by day,
3In life's native boats sublime
4    We'll soon anchor in the bay.
5We'll soon anchor in the haven,
6    Where the weary are at rest,
7In that blissful port called Heaven,
8    Where are roaming now the blest.
9    CHORUS:
10    Be gentle, time be gentle with us,
11        While we are on life's troubled stream,
12    May life's foaming billows o'er us
13        Break away as day serene.
14Gently on the stream of time,
15    We will swiftly glide along,
16Till we reach the realm divine,
17    Then we'll join the heavenly throng,
18Where our friends have gone before us
19    Waiting on the other shore.
20In that home they sing in chorus,
21    "Welcome home the rich and poor."
22Gently on the stream of time,
23    We shall shortly pass away,
24We shall reach the heavenly clime
25    If God's commands we obey.
26Gently on the stream of time
27    We are going one by one,
28Listening to the evening chime
29    On life's journey going home.
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Ian Lancashire
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