Fusiturricula Lullaby (by Gjertrud Schnackenberg)

Original Text: 
Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Heavenly Questions (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010). This poem is reproduced on the Griffin Prize Web Site (from the winning volume on the 2011 International Shortlist).
1A visit to the shores of lullabies,
2So far from here, so very far away,
3A floor of sand, it doesn't matter where,
4And overhead a water-ceiling sways;
5A shell is summoned to materialize--
6The holy life, a spiral, hushed and pure,
7Complete unto itself--a spiral shell
8Is summoned from a substratum of wonder:
9And all is well now, hush now, close your eyes,
10Around a primal, ragged nucleus
11Accumulated layers crystallize:
12An embryonic seashell pulls itself
13Through being-portals intricately placed
14In seas of non-existence; caught; self-caught
15In nets of pasts-and-futures synchronized
16In present-nows: the Many and the One--
17It doesn't matter, really, how it's done,
18The how of it; the why; it doesn't know
19How atoms in the ancient paradox
20Can pass from unseen particles to seen
21Or why a chain of atoms interlocks
22And manifests in blurry pink and green;
23It doesn't matter really, where it's from--
24Descended from an ancient nacre-dream,
25Self-fabricating through genetic codes
26Without an archetype to utilize,
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Ian Lancashire
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