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"Poems," Poetry: A Magazine of Verse 3.2 (Nov. 1913): . Ezra Pound, Lustra (London: Elkin Mathews, 1916) 25. PS 3531 O82L8 1916 Robarts Library.
1Come, my songs, let us express our baser passions.
3You are very idle, my songs,
4I fear you will come to a bad end.
6You do next to nothing at all.
8You will come to a very bad end.
11Insolent little beasts! Shameless! Devoid of clothing!
12But you, newest song of the lot,
13You are not old enough to have done much mischief.
14I will get you a green coat out of China
15With dragons worked upon it.
16I will get you the scarlet silk trousers
18Lest they say we are lacking in taste,
19Or that there is no caste in this family.


2] of: "for" in 1916, which also splits the line after "job". (Punctuation variants are not noted below.) Back to Line
5] 1916 splits the line after "streets,". Back to Line
7] nobilitys: "nobilities" in 1916. Back to Line
9] 1916 splits the line after "I?". Back to Line
10] 1916 splits the line after "much that". Back to Line
17] at: "in" in Personae (New York, 1926). Back to Line
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See Gallup C109
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.