Foweles in the Frith

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Bodleian Library Douce 139. Early Bodleian Music, ed. Sir John Stainer (1901), I, plate VI (facsimile); II, 10. Text from Early English Lyrics, Amorous, Divine, Moral and Trivial, ed. E. K. Chambers and F. Sidgwick (London: A. H. Bullen, 1907), p. 5. PR 1203 C6 Robarts Library.
2The fisses in the flod,
3And I mon waxe wod;
4Mulch sorwe I walke with
5For best of bon and blod.


1] Birds in the woods,
The fishes in the flood,
And I must go mad;
Much sorrow I walk with
For the best of bone and blood. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.