Four Girls at the Corner

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Collected Poems of Raymond Souster, Vol. 3: 1962-74 (Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1982): 33. PS 8537 O87A17 Robarts Library
1Waiting for a fix
2four girls at the corner,
3three about eighteen,
4the fourth not more
5than thirteen, I swear,
6Not one day more.
7All waiting for the Man
8to come and take them
9for a few short hours
10out of misery.
11God, the taxi-driver said,
12but He hadn't
13come along yet either.
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The Colour of the Times (1964)
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Ian Lancashire
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&#169; 1982 <i>Collected Poems of Raymond Souster, Vol. 3: 1962-74</i> Oberon Press (from which written permission to reproduce must be obtained in advance).