Forget not Yet the Tried Intent

Original Text: 
British Library Additional MS 17492 (Devonshire MS), fol. 54v; cf. Collected Poems, ed. Kenneth Muir and Patricia Thomson (Liverpool University Press, 1969), facsimile in illustration 6, opposite p. 212.
4        Forget not yet.
5  Forget not yet when first began
6The weary life ye know, since whan
7The suit, the service, none tell can;
8        Forget not yet.
10The cruel wrong, the scornful ways;
12        Forget not yet.
13  Forget not yet, forget not this,
14How long ago hath been and is
15The mind that never meant amiss;
16        Forget not yet.
18The which so long hath thee so loved,
19Whose steadfast faith yet never moved;
20        Forget not this.


1] tried intent: proved willing Back to Line
2] truth: loyalty, good faith. Back to Line
3] travail: labour. Back to Line
9] Assays: trials. Back to Line
11] denays: denials, rejections. Back to Line
17] approved: tested, i.e., a lover tested by her over some time. Back to Line
Publication Start Year: 
RPO poem Editors: 
N. J. Endicott; Ian Lancashire
RPO Edition: 
RP 1935: I.80; RPO 1996.