Follow Thy Fair Sun

Original Text: 
Philip Rosseter, A booke of ayres (London: Peter Short, 1601). STC 21332.
1  Follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow;
2      Though thou be black as night,
3      And she made all of light,
4Yet follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow.
5  Follow her, whose light thy light depriveth;
6      Though here thou liv'st disgrac'd,
7      And she in heaven is plac'd,
8Yet follow her whose light the world reviveth.
9  Follow those pure beams, whose beauty burneth;
10      That so have scorched thee,
11      As thou still black must be,
12Till her kind beams thy black to brightness turneth.
13  Follow her, while yet her glory shineth;
14      There comes a luckless night
15      That will dim all her light;
16And this the black unhappy shade divineth.
17  Follow still, since so thy fates ordained;
18      The sun must have his shade,
19      Till both at once do fade,
20The sun still proud, the shadow still disdained.
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP.1.249; RPO 1996-2000.