Femme Et Chatte

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Arthur Symons, Poems, 2 vols. (London: William Heinemann, 1912): 211. Internet Archive.

1They were at play, she and her cat,
2And it was marvelous to mark
3The white paw and the white hand pat
4Each other in the deepening dark.
5The stealthy little lady hid
6Under her mittens' silken sheath
7Her deadly agate nails that thrid
8The silk-like dagger-points of death.
9The cat purred primly and drew in
10Her claws that were of steel filed thin:
11The devil was in it all the same.
12And in the boudoir, while a shout
13Of laughter in the air rang out,
14Four sparks of phosphor shone like flame.
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