Felix Randal

Original Text: 
The Later Poetic Manuscripts of Gerard Manley Hopkins in Facsimile, ed. Norman H. MacKenzie (New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1991): 205. PR 4803 H44A6 1991 Robarts Library
1Félix Rándal the fárrier, O is he déad then? my dúty all énded,
2    Who have watched his mould of man, bigboned and hardy-handsome
3    Pining, pining, till time when reason rambled in it, and some
4Fatal four disorders, fleshed there, all contended?
5Sickness broke him. Impatient, he cursed at first, but mended
6    Being anointed & all; tho' a heavenlier heart began some
7    Mónths éarlier, since Í had our swéet repríeve & ránsom
8Téndered to him. áh well, God rést him áll road éver he offénded!
9This séeing the síck endéars them tó us, us tóo it endéars.
10My tongue had taught thee comfort, touch had quenched thy tears,
11    Thy tears that touched my heart, child, Felix, poor Felix Randal;
12How far from then forethought of, all thy more boisterous years,
13When thou at the random grim forge, powerful amidst peers
14    Didst fettle for the great grey drayhorse his bright & battering sandal!
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1996-2000.