The Farmer's Ingle

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Weekly Magazine or Edinburgh Amusement (Edinburgh, 1773). AP E345 MICR mfm Robarts Library
     Et multo in primis hilarans conviuia Baccho
     Ante focum, si frigus erit, (si messis, in umbra,
     Vina novum fundam calathis Ariusia nectar)
                                                     Virg. Buc.
9    Begin, my Muse, and chant in hamely strain.
10Frae the big stack, weel winnow't on the hill,
14The gudeman, new come hame, is blyth to find
16That ilka turn is handled to his mind,
18    For cleanly house looes he, tho' e'er sae mean.
27    Whilk than the daintiest kitchen nicer seems.
31    Nor find their stamacks ever at a stand.
32Fu' hale and healthy wad they pass the day,
33    At night in calmest slumbers dose fu' sound,
35    Nor drogs their noodle and their sense confound,
36    Till death slip sleely on, and gi'e the hindmost wound.
38    By Caledonia's ancestors been done;
39By this did mony wight fu' weirlike bleed
42    That bent the deidly yew in antient days,
44    Gar'd Scottish thristles bang the Roman bays;
50'Bout kirk and market eke their tales gae on,
51    How Jock woo'd Jenny here to be his bride,
52And there how Marion, for a bastard son,
56    For a' their anger's wi' their hunger gane:
57Ay maun the childer, wi' a fastin mou',
58    Grumble and greet, and make an unco mane,
60    Frae gudame's mouth auld warld tales they hear,
64For weel she trows that fiends and fairies be
68O mock na this, my friends! but rather mourn,
69    Ye in life's brawest spring wi' reason clear,
72    The mind's ay cradled whan the grave is near.
73Yet thrift, industrious, bides her latest days,
87    To wag their tail, and cast a thankfu' eie
88To him wha kindly flings them mony a crum
90    This a' the boon they crave, and a' the fee.
91Frae him the lads their morning counsel tak,
99    Whilk spills a kebbuck nice, or yellow pound.
101    Their joints to slack frae industry a while;
108    Till wauken'd by the dawning's ruddy glow.
109Peace to the husbandman and a' his tribe,
110    Whase care fells a' our wants frae year to year;
113May Scotia's simmers ay look gay and green,
114    Her yellow har'sts frae scowry blasts decreed;
116    Frae the hard grip of ails and poortith freed,
117    And a lang lasting train o' peaceful hours succeed.


1] The motto is from Virgil's fifth Eclogue; the entire passage is translated by Dryden as follows:
Two goblets will I crown with sparkling wine,
The gen'rous vintage of the Chian vine;
These will I pour to thee, and make the nectar thine.
In winter shall the genial feast be made
Before the fire; by summer, in the shade.
keeks. Peeps. Back to Line
2] owsen. Oxen. Back to Line
3] sair dung. Sorely worsted.
steeks. Closes. Back to Line
4] dighting. Threshing. Back to Line
5] bangs fu' leal. Prevents full well. Back to Line
6] gars snaw-tapit. Makes snow-topped. Back to Line
7] dowie. Dreary. Back to Line
8] fley'd. Alarmed.
poortith. Poverty. Back to Line
11] divets. Pieces of turf used in a thatch.
theekit. Thatched. Back to Line
12] trufs. Turfs. Back to Line
13] smeek. Smoke.
lift. Sky. Back to Line
15] halland. Cottage. Back to Line
17] cosh. Cozy. Back to Line
19] pleughs. Plowmen. Back to Line
20] meltilh. Meal.
synd. Drink. Back to Line
21] nappy. Foaming ale. Back to Line
22] douns. Cannot. Back to Line
23] girdle. Iron plate used in cooking. Back to Line
24] bowie. Dish.
reams. Overflows. Back to Line
25] kail. Broth. Back to Line
26] riggin. Roof. Back to Line
28] gabs. Prattlers. Back to Line
29] eidant. Diligent. Back to Line
30] rax. Grow. Back to Line
34] spae. Foretell. Back to Line
37] sicken. Such. Back to Line
40] brulzies. Broils. Back to Line
41] gardies. Arms. Back to Line
43] yird. Earth. Back to Line
45] doughtna. Durse not. Back to Line
46] couthy cracks. Pleasant talk or chat. Back to Line
47] bicker. Bowl. Back to Line
48] blinks. Glimpses. Back to Line
49] mailins. Farms.
hash. Ruin. Back to Line
53] cutty-stool. Seat in church where unchaste women sat to receive a public rebuke in the service. Back to Line
54] Mess John. Minister. Back to Line
55] Not the slightest noise is among the children now. Back to Line
59] rangles. Rows.
low. Flame. Back to Line
61] Of wizards leaping around the scarecrow. Back to Line
62] win. Dwell. Back to Line
63] Which causes their hair to stand on end and makes them shake with fear. Back to Line
65] fleetch. Flatter. Back to Line
66] ky. Cows.
tint. Lost. Back to Line
67] scowder'd. Scorched. Back to Line
70] eild. Age. Back to Line
71] bairnly. Childish. Back to Line
74] dow'd. Withered.
runcles. Wrinkles. Back to Line
75] russet. Homespun cloth. Back to Line
76] stent. Allotted part of labor. Back to Line
77] buskit braw. Dressed up finely. Back to Line
78] heeze. Lift. Back to Line
79] cadgie. Cheerful. Back to Line
80] oy. Grandchild. Back to Line
81] foy. Final. Back to Line
82] lerroch. Place.
deas. Wooden bench. Back to Line
83] streeks. Stretches. Back to Line
84] lean. Resting place. Back to Line
85] doil'd. Wearied. Back to Line
86] badrins. Cats.
colly. Shepherd dog. Back to Line
89] kebbock whang'd. Cheese cut into large slices.
fadge. Loaf of bread.
prie. Taste. Back to Line
92] rigs. Ridges. Back to Line
93] birn. Burden.
bassie. The old horse. Back to Line
94] multure. Meal taken by the miller as toll.
thirling. Whirling. Back to Line
95] niest. Next. Back to Line
96] hawkies. Cows. Back to Line
97] Be careful lest Crummy (the cow) perform her usual tricks. Back to Line
98] ca' the leglen's treasure. Overturn the milk-pail's treasure. Back to Line
100] grien. Wish for. Back to Line
102] leaden god. Somnus, the god of sleep. Back to Line
103] hafflins steeks. Half-shuts. Back to Line
104] cruizy. Lamp. Back to Line
105] The fireplace has done what it was designed for. Back to Line
106] tacksman. Tenant-farmer. Back to Line
107] cod. Pillow.
drumly pow. Drowsy head. Back to Line
111] sock. Plowshare.
couter. Coulter.
gleyb. Glebe. Back to Line
112] bauks. Stalks. Back to Line
115] bien. Prosperous. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP.1.769; RPO 1996-2000.