Fancy and the Poet

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Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library MS. 3080, holograph collection of poems, "Written for Agnes Dunbar FitzGibbon, with the love and blessing of her old Mother Susanna Moodie -- March -- 6th -- 1866."
                     Poet --
1Enchanting spirit! -- at thy votive shrine
4Thy airy fingers o'er my rugged string;
5Sweep the dark chords of thought and give to earth
                      Fancy --
7Happiness when from earth she fled
8    I passed on her heavenward flight --
11To the sons of sorrow the token give,
12And bid them follow my steps and live!" --
15I turned this dark earth to a fairy land
16    When I hither drive my car;
18And man only saw its reflected light --
19Many a lovely dream I've given,
20    And many a song divine;
22    Shall mortals temples twine --
23Hope and love in the circlet glow!
                        Poet --
25Hist -- Beautiful spirit! -- why silent so soon?
27My lyre owns thy touch -- and its tremulous strings
29Resume thy sweet lay, and reveal, ere we part
30Thy home lovely spirit -- and say what thou art?" --
                        Fancy --
32Of an eye 'neath its sleeping lid,
34    The voice of a stream that's hid;
35Such must I still remain to thee
36A wonder and a mystery! --
37I live in the poet's dream
38    I flash on the painter's eye;
39I dwell in the moon's pale beam,
40    In the depths of the star lit sky;
41I traverse the earth, the air, the main,
44    My voice is in ev'ry breeze;
45I speak in the tempest loud,
48I tell of a world more bright than their own! --


2] a: one 1831. Back to Line
3] Come from the: come from thy 1831. Back to Line
6] thrilling: wild sweet 1831. Back to Line
9] crown: wreath 1831. Back to Line
10] Of heaven's own golden light --: And bathe it in floods of light 1831. Back to Line
13] crown from the snowy hand: wreath from her radiant hand 1831. Back to Line
14] It flashed like a living star: Each flower was a silver star 1831. Back to Line
17] placed the crown: wove the wreath 1831. Back to Line
21] gift: wreath 1831. Back to Line
24] circlet: chapet 1831. Back to Line
26] ear: soul 1831. Back to Line
28] Vibrate: Still vibrate 1831. Back to Line
31] thou: which thou 1831. Back to Line
33] sound: tune 1831. Back to Line
42] magic: golden 1831. Back to Line
43] fleecy: crimson 1831. Back to Line
46] waving: wind-stirred 1831. Back to Line
47] mystic: magic 1831. Back to Line
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Susanna Strickland, Enthusiasm, And Other Poems (London: Smith and Elder, 1831).
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1999.