The Faking Boy to the Crap is Gone

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Musa Pedestris: Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes [1536-1896], ed. John S. Farmer (privately printed, 1896).
3The hempen cord they have girded on,
4And his elbows pinned behind him.
6."Though the girl you love betrays you,
8And grateful pals shall praise you.."
9The bolt it fell, -- a jerk, a strain!
10The sheriff's fled asunder;
11The faking-boy ne'er spoke again,
13And there he dangles on the tree,
14That sort of love and bravery!
15Oh, that such men should victims be
16Of law, and law's vile knavery.


1] Aytoun co-authored this poem with Sir Theodore Martin (1816.-1909).faking: thieving (cant, or thieves' jargon). crap: gallows. Back to Line
2] nubbing-cheat: gallows (literally, "hanging thing"). Back to Line
5] Smash my glim: damn my eyes! reg'lar card: decent chap. Back to Line
7] game: fearless. split: fall to pieces. Back to Line
12] Friends of a hanged man would pull down on his legs to ensure that he did not die a lingering death. Back to Line
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By Bon Gaultier in Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
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Ian Lancashire
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