The Eye and Ear

Original Text: 
Jones Very, Poems and Essays (Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1888): 129. Internet Archive
1Thou readest, but each lettered word can give
2    Thee but the sound that thou first gave to it;
3    Thou lookest on the page, things move and live
4    In light thine eye and thine alone has lit;
5    Ears are there yet unstopped, and eyes unclosed,
6    That see and hear as in one common day,
7    When they which present see have long reposed,
8    And he who hears has mouldered too to clay;
9    These ever see and hear; they are in Him,
10    Who speaks, and all is light; how dark before!
11    Each object throws aside its mantle dim,
12    That hid the starry robe that once it wore;
13    And shines full-born disclosing all that is,
14    Itself by all things seen and owned as His.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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