Expectans Expectavi

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Charles Hamilton Sorley. Marlborough and other Poems. 4th edition. Cambridge: University Press, 1919: 68. PR 6037 O7M3 1919 Robarts Library
2I laugh and play as others do,
3I sin and chatter, just the same
4As others with a different name.
5And all year long upon the stage
6I dance and tumble and do rage
7So vehemently, I scarcely see
8The inner and eternal me.
9I have a temple I do not
10Visit, a heart I have forgot,
11A self that I have never met,
12A secret shrine -- and yet, and yet
13This sanctuary of my soul
14Unwitting I keep white and whole,
15Unlatched and lit, if Thou should'st care
16To enter or to tarry there.
17With parted lips and outstretched hands
18And listening ears Thy servant stands,
19Call Thou early, call Thou late,
20To Thy great service dedicate.


1] "Printed, after the author's death, in The Times Literary Supplement, 28 October 1915." (note by W. R. S., p. 131). The title is Latin for "I have waited expectantly." Back to Line
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