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Blue (Vancouver: Polestar Book Publishers, 2001): 25.
for Kwame Dawes
2Blazing, it vomits smudge-smoke. Your mind chars
4You douse your dream-scorched brain with slave-sweat rum --
5The only gold you can own, corroding
6Your liver. Your anthem plays to gunfire.
7   When you think about it (when you can breathe) .--
8After all the lies that frame nostalgia,
9All the dead faces that occupy photographs,
10All the slain lovers pitched into ditches,
11Your eyes itch and ache with water, then dry .--
12Curling like dead leaves, starving for gold fire.


1] pays: country Back to Line
3] yaw: swerve from side to side. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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