The Exile

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Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Living in Paradise: New and Selected Poems (Toronto: Manfield Press, 2001): 1.
1It is the place I return to.
2Lying awake nights I imagine
3the wind just back from the cypress trees
4brushing me lightly as I
5step from the house;
6in the garden the leaves are speaking of
7roads that empty into stillness.
8July; each star wants us to see through it
9& find the universe.
10I will walk up the road behind the house
11& think of a young boy running in & out
12through the doors of darkness, calling his
13friends by name; his friends call back, leaping
14into the tall grass to meet him.
15I return to the house. From a window, a woman
16shouts for the boy to come in.
17I feel sorry for her
18like the fool that I am,
19like the man I will never be.
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The Sad Facts (1977)
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Ian Lancashire
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Copyright Pier Giorgio Di Cicco 2001