Every man has his sorrows

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The Modern Book of French Verse in English Translations by Chaucer, Francis Thompson, Swinburne, Arthur Symons, Robert Bridges, John Payne and Others. Ed. Albert Boni. New York: Boni and Liveright, 1920. 94-95. Internet Archive.

1Every man has his sorrows; yet each still
2Hides under a calm forehead his own will.
3Each pities but himself. Each in his grief
4Envies his neighbor: he too seeks relief;
5For one man's pain is of no other known:
6They hide their sorrows as he hides his own;
7And each, with tears and aching heart, can sigh:
8All other men are happy, but not I.
9They are unhappy all. They, desolate,
10Cry against heaven and bid heaven change their fate.
11Their fate is changed; they soon, with fresh tears, know
12They have but changed one for another woe.
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Ian Lancashire
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