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The Poems of Archibald Lampman, ed. Duncan Campbell Scott (Toronto: George N. Morang, 1900): 198, as reprinted in The Poems of Archibald Lampman (including At the Long Sault), intro. by Margaret Coulby of Toronto Press, 1974), and from Alcyone (Ottawa: Ogilvy, 1899).
1From upland slopes I see the cows file by,
2Lowing, great-chested, down the homeward trail,
3By dusking fields and meadows shining pale
4With moon-tipped dandelions. Flickering high,
5A peevish night-hawk in the western sky
6Beats up into the lucent solitudes,
8Grow dark and deep, and gloom mysteriously.
9Cool night winds creep, and whisper in mine ear.
10The homely cricket gossips at my feet.
11From far-off pools and wastes of reeds I hear,
12Clear and soft-piped, the chanting frogs break sweet
14Shine out the stars, and the great night comes on.


7] griding: typo for "gliding"? Back to Line
13] Pandean: belonging to Pan, Greek god and inventor of the panpipe. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1997