(From the Old Irish)

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The Poetical Works of Thomas MacDonagh (Dublin: Talbot, 1916): 71. 23697.12.20 Widener Library, Harvard University
2I that wrought my children's loss,
3I that wronged Jesus of life,
4Mine by right had been the cross.
5I a kingly house forsook,
6Ill my choice and my disgrace,
7Ill the counsel that I took
8Withering me and all my race.
9I that brought winter in
10And the windy glistening sky,
11I that brought sorrow and sin,
12Hell and pain and terror, I.


1] MacDonagh notes: "An Old-Irish poem of the tenth century. Of its four stanzas I have omitted one which I think worthless" (132). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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