Epitaph for a Romantic Woman

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Louise Bogan, Body of this Death: Poems (New York: Robert M. McBride, 1923): 18. PS 3503 O195 B66 1923 Robarts Library.
2She dreamed of, where old stones lie sunning.
3Untended stalks blow over her
4Even and swift, like young men running.
5Always in the heart she loved
6Others had lived, -- she heard their laughter.
7She lies where none has lain before,
8Where certainly none will follow after.


1] For unknown reasons (because the poem has an immediate appeal), Bogan did not include this poem in Blue Estuaries (1968), her final selection. Elizabeth Frank describes the omission as inexplicable (63). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2000.