An End

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Poems of Christina Rossetti, ed. William M. Rossetti (London: Macmillan, 1904), 292.
1Love, strong as Death, is dead.
2Come, let us make his bed
3Among the dying flowers:
4A green turf at his head;
5And a stone at his feet,
6Whereon we may sit
7In the quiet evening hours.
8He was born in the spring,
9And died before the harvesting:
10On the last warm summer day
11He left us; he would not stay
12For autumn twilight cold and grey.
13Sit we by his grave, and sing
14He is gone away.
15To few chords and sad and low
16Sing we so:
17Be our eyes fixed on the grass
18Shadow-veiled as the years pass,
19While we think of all that was
20In the long ago.
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The Germ
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Marc R. Plamondon
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