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Arachnia, Occasional Verses (London: Macmillan, 1904: 139. Internet Archive.

1 Crumpled and bowed,
2    Lone in the crowd,
3Let him clear out for his betters!
4    What doth it serve
5    Once he had nerve,
6Once too a tincture of letters: --
7    Quoted his Greek
8    Scaling some peak
9Right from the Bergschrund below it,
10    Airing his wits
11    There on the Spitz,
12Climber and scholar and poet?
13    Alps and their height.
14    Life and its light,
15Sink into shadow and valley;
16    Lowly at last,
17    Each crevasse past,
18Wait for the home-bound galley!
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Ian Lancashire
Data entry: Sharine Leung
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