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Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Poems (London: W. Pickering, 1851). PR 4097 A2K4 Robarts Library
1  If there were dreams to sell,
2    What would you buy?
3Some cost a passing bell;
4    Some a light sigh,
5That shakes from Life's fresh crown
6Only a rose-leaf down.
7If there were dreams to sell,
8Merry and sad to tell,
9And the crier rang the bell,
10    What would you buy?
11  A cottage lone and still,
12    With bowers nigh,
13Shadowy, my woes to still,
14    Until I die.
15Such pearl from Life's fresh crown
16Fain would I shake me down.
17Were dreams to have at will,
18This would best heal my ill,
19    This would I buy.
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J. D. Robins
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2RP.2.337; RPO 1996-2000.