Down in the Valley

Original Text: 
Carl Sandburg, The American Songbag (New York: Harcourt, Brace, and Co., 1927): 148. M 162 A657 1927 Music Library
2The valley so low,
3Hang your head over,
4Hear the wind blow.
5Hear the wind blow, dear,
6Hear the wind blow,
7Hang your head over,
8Hear the wind blow.
9If you don't love me,
10Love whom you please --
11Throw your arms 'round me,
12Give my heart ease.
13Throw your arms 'round me,
14Before it's too late;
15Throw yours 'round me,
16Feel my heart break.
17Writing this letter,
18Containing three lines, --
19Answer my question:
20"Will you be mine?"
21"Will you be mine, dear,
22Will you be mine?"
23Answer my question:
24"Will you be mine?"
25Go build me a castle
26Forty feet high;
27So I can see him,
28As he goes by.
29As he goes by, dear;
30As he goes by;
31So I can see him,
32As he goes by.
33Roses love sunshine,
34Violets love dew,
35Angels in heaven
36Knows I love you.


1] For an audio file with a performance of this song, see the Max Hunter Folk Song Collection, ed. Dr. Michael F. Murray (Southwest Missouri State University Department of Music and Springfield-Greene County Library). The singers are Rev. Harold Hunter and Max Hunter at Eldorado Springs on October 7, 1958. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2001.