dooley did

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Paul Dutton, right hemi sphere left ear (Toronto: Coach House Press, 1979).
1a deed was done
2duly done was the deed that was done
3indeed duly
4a deed duly done was that deed the deed done
5one done duly
6and it was he that did the deed that did get done
7he did it duly
8that deed that he did was done duly
9he did that
10that is he that did that has done the deed
11and duly
12yes dooley
13dooley did duly do
14but dooley's dad what'd he do
15did dooley's dad duly do the deed dooley did
16or did dooley duly do it did he do
17dooley did
18oh dooley dooley dooley dooley dooley dooley
19    did did did did did did did
20and dooley's dad did the deed that dooley did too
21it was due to dooley's dad that dooley did it
22in the dew
23dooley too did duly do the deed that dooley's dad did
24duly did dooley do it
25two through the dew
26through and through
27that deed that dooley did and dooley's dad did did dooley
29that that that that dad of dooley did do did do dooley and dooley
30                                                            did do it in the dew is true
31and it'd do dooley to do it too
32as it did do dooley to do it
33and dooley's dad too
34dooley and dad
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Ian Lancashire
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