Don't Tell the World that You're Waiting for Me

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The Poetical Works of Eliza Cook (London: Frederick Warne and Co., [1869]): 517-18. PR 4502 A17 1869 Robarts Library
1THREE summers have gone since the first time we met, love,
2    And still 'tis in vain that I ask thee to wed;
3I hear no reply but a gentle "Not yet, love,"
4    With a smile of your lip, and a shake of your head.
5Ah! how oft have I whispered, how oft have I sued thee,
6    And breathed my soul's question of "When shall it be?"
7You know, dear, how long and how truly I've wooed thee,
8    So don't tell the world that you're waiting for me.
9I have fashioned a home, where the fairies might dwell, love,
10    I've planted the myrtle, the rose, and the vine;
11But the cottage to me is a mere hermit's cell, love,
12    And the bloom will be dull till the flowers are thine.
13I've a ring of bright gold, which I gaze on when lonely,
14    And sigh with Hope's eloquence, "When will it be?"
15There needs but thy "Yes," love--one little word only,
16    So don't tell the world that you're waiting for me.
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Ian Lancashire
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