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The Collected Poems of Lord de Tabley (London: Chapman and Hall, 1903): 326-27. PR 4540 A17 1903 Robarts Library
2Jarring cups disloyal feud.
3    I will cheer my soaking mood
4        Till the orchards reel.
5Brews good ale is no dispraise
6To our green or grizzled days;
7    He who sets his cheek in wine
8        Vassals not despair.
9He who sets his lips in ale
10Keeps his legs where many fail,
11    Takes his fortunes at their best
12        Foul or fickle-fair.
13Merry sets his mellow life,
14Who, when rusty shocks are rife,
15    Whistles off his weary load
16        Wearing to each year.
17Sours he not with friendship's treason,
18Or some sweet love strange in season,
19    Ripe in manhood, ripe in heart,
20        Whole and sound and clear.


1] Dithyramb: "A Greek choric hymn, originally in honour of Dionysus or Bacchus, vehement and wild in character; a Bacchanalian song" (OED). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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