Dirge in Woods

Original Text: 
As a part of a larger poem, in Fortnightly Review (Aug. 1870). AP 4 F7 ROBA. As a separate poem, in George Meredith, Ballads and Poems of Tragic Life (London: Macmillan, 1897). PR 5008 B3 1887 ROBA end M474 B355 1887 Fisher Rare Book Library (Toronto) PR 541b VUPX.
2      And below
3Not a breath of wild air;
4Still as the mosses that glow
5On the flooring and over the lines
6Of the roots here and there.
7The pine-tree drops its dead;
8They are quiet, as under the sea.
9Overhead, overhead
10Rushes life in a race,
11As the clouds the clouds chase;
12      And we go,
13And we drop like the fruits of the tree,
14      Even we,
15      Even so.


1] First published in the Fortnightly Review (August 1870) as part of a poem entitled In the Woods. It was later published as a separate poem in the volumes Poems and Ballads of Tragic Life (1887) and A Reading of Earth (1888). Back to Line
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H. Kerpneck
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3RP 3.297.