The Dinkey Bird

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Eugene Field, Lullaby-Land: Poems of Childhood (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1904): 43-46.
1In an ocean, 'way out yonder,
2    (As all sapient people know)
3Is the land of Wonder-Wander,
4    Whither children love to go;
5It's their playing, romping, swinging,
6    That give great joy to me
7While the Dinkey-Bird goes singing
8    In the amfalula tree!
9There the gum-drops grow like cherries,
10    And taffy's thick as peas--
11Caramels you pick like berries
12    When, and where, and how you please;
13Big red sugar-plums are clinging
14To the cliffs beside that sea
15Where the Dinkey-Bird is singing
16    In the amfalula tree!
17So when children shout and scamper
18    And make merry all the day,
19When there's naught to put a damper
20    To the ardor of their play;
21When I hear their laughter ringing,
22    Then I'm sure as sure can be
23That the Dinkey-Bird is singing
24    In the amfalula tree!
25For the Dinkey-Bird's bravuras
28    And robustos so complete,
29That the youth of every nation--
30    Be they near or far away--
31Have especial delectation
33Their eyes grow bright and brighter,
34    Their lungs begin to crow,
35Their hearts get light and lighter,
36    And their cheeks are all aglow;
37For an echo cometh bringing
38    The news to all and me,
39That the Dinkey-Bird is singing
40    In the amfalula tree.
41I'm sure you like to go there
42    To see your feathered friend--
43And so many goodies grow there
44    You would like to comprehend!
45Speed, little dreams, your winging
46    To that land across the sea
47Where the Dinkey-Bird is singing
48    In the amfalula tree!


26] staccatos: notes cut short. Back to Line
27] roulades: vocal embellishments on a single syllable
appoggiaturas: minor notes preceding essential notes Back to Line
32] roundelay: song with refrain Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1997.