Ding Dong

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The Works of Arthur Clement Hilton (Of Marlborough & Cambridge) Author of "The Light Green" Together with his Life and Letters, ed. Robert P. Edgcumbe (Cambridge: Macmillan and Bowes, 1902): 162-64. PR 4790 H27A12 Robarts Library
By Rosina Christetti
2There goes the Gong,
3Dick, come along,
4    'Tis time for dinner.
5Wash your face,
6Take your place.
7Where's your grace,
8    You little sinner?
9    "Like an apple?"
10        "Yes I should.
11    Nice, nice, nicey!
12        Good, good, good!"
13    "Manners, miss,
14        Please behave.
15    Those who ask,
16        Shan't have."
17    "Those who don't,
18        Don't want.
19    I'll eat it,
20        You shan't."
21        Baby cry,
22        Wipe his eye.
23        Baby good,
24        Give him food.
25        Baby sleepy,
26        Go to bed.
27        Baby naughty,
28        Smack his head!
29    Poor little thrush,
30    Found dead in a bush!
31    When did he die?
32    He is rather high.
33    Bury him deep,
34    He won't keep.
35    Bury him well,
36    Or he'll smell.
37What have horns? Cows and moons.
38What have crests? Cocks and spoons.
39What are nice? Ducks and peas.
40What are nasty? Bites of fleas.
41What are fast? Tides and times.
42What are slow? Nursery rhymes.


1] A parody of Christina Rossetti's children's verses, Sing-song: a nursery rhyme book (London: G. Routledge, 1872; end R673 S55 1872 Fisher Rare Book Library). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.