Dies Dominica! the sunshine burns

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The Verse of Christopher Brennan, ed. A. R. Chisholm and J. J. Quinn (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1960): 70. PR 6003 R352A17 Robarts Library
2strong incense on the breathing fields of morn:
3lucid, intense, all colour towards it yearns
4that souls of flowers on the air are born.
7and fills with pointed flame all things aware,
8all flowers and souls that sing--and I am one!
9Dies Dominica! the passion yearns,
10and the whole world and singer is but one flower
11from out whose luminous chalice odour burns
12intenser toward the blue thro' this keen hour:
13--this hour is my eternity! the soul
14rises, expanding ever, with the sight,
15thro' flowers and colours, and the visible whole
16of beauty mingled in one dream of light.


1] Dies Dominica: the Lord's Day (Latin). Back to Line
5] claustral: of a (religious) cloister. Back to Line
6] celebrant: the priest who celebrates mass. Back to Line
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Publication Notes: 
Poems 1913 (1914). See Australian Poets eTexts Project, The Sydney Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS)
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Ian Lancashire; Cameron La Follette
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