Original Text: 
Marjory Nicholls, Collected Poems, comp. Niel Wright (Wellington: Original Books, 2009).
1My mind is like a wretched room,
2    So bare, so drear;
3Dull with a heavy, ugly gloom,
4    No light, no cheer.
5My thoughts are like the beetles black
6    That creep the floor,
7Scurry and hide in yawning crack
8    In wall and door.
9My feelings,--like the meagre light
10    My candles give,
11So faint, so fearful of the night,
12    It scarcely lives.
13My outlook through a dingy pane--
14    Distress and sin--
15Or if I turn around again
16    To look within--
17My room is but a sordid place--
18    The paper torn,
19Nothing of beauty there, nor grace,
20    All mean, forlorn.
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Publication Notes: 
The Spike (1912).
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Ian Lancashire; Cameron La Follette
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