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Dollie Radford, The Young Gardeners' Kalendar (London: De la More Press, 1904). Washington University, St. Louis. From the online transcription in the Victorian Women Writers Project.
1No gardener need go far to find
2     The Christmas rose,
3The fairest of the flowers that mark
4     The sweet Year's close:
5Nor be in quest of places where
6     The hollies grow,
7Nor seek for sacred trees that hold
8     The mistletoe.
9All kindly tended gardens love
10     December days,
11And spread their latest riches out
12     In winter's praise.
13But every gardener's work this month
14     Must surely be
15To choose a very beautiful
16     Big Christmas tree,
17And see it through the open door
18     In triumph ride,
19To reign a glorious reign within
20     At Christmas-tide.
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Ian Lancashire
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