Death and the Lady

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Mary E. Coleridge, Poems (London: Elkin Mathews, 1918): 134. PR 6005 O3P6 1918 Robarts Library
1TURN in, my lord, she said ;
2    As it were the Father of Sin
3I have hated the Father of the Dead,
4    The slayer of my kin ;
5By the Father of the Living led,
6    Turn in, my lord, turn in.
7We were foes of old ; thy touch was cold,
8    But mine is warm as life ;
9I have struggled and made thee loose thy hold,
10    I have turned aside the knife.
11Despair itself in me was bold,
12    I have striven, and won the strife.
13But that which conquered thee and rose
14    Again to earth descends ;
15For the last time we have come to blows.
16    And the long combat ends.
17The worst and secretest of foes,
18    Be now my friend of friends.
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