The Cup

Original Text: 
Jones Very, Poems and Essays (Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1888): 122. Internet Archive
1The bitterness of death is on me now,
2Before me stands its dark unclosing door;
3Yet to Thy will submissive still I bow,
4And follow Him who for me went before;
5The tomb cannot contain me though I die,
6For His strong love awakes its sleeping dead,
7And bids them through Himself ascend on high
8To Him who is of all the living Head;
9I gladly enter through the gloomy walls,
10Where they have passed who loved their Master here;
11The voice they heard, to me it onward calls,
12And can when faint my sinking spirit cheer;
13And from the joy on earth it now has given,
14Lead on to joy eternal in the heaven.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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