Original Text: 
Bertram warr, The Collected Poems of Bertram Warr: Acknowledgment to Life, ed. Leo Gasparini, pref. by Earle Birney (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1970): 49.
1All the hours and hours and hours,
2All the days and days and days
3That the song within me bides its time
4In the caves of the eloquent ways.
5And no huge striving brings it forth,
6And no abortive straining,
7For the soul breathes out in its own good time,
8And the buds flood into flaming.
9Like the flat topped water's unsurprise,
10Like the wheel cog's prudent beat,
11Is the round of the mind in the vital grind
12Of the man whose soul would eat.
13There can be no clipping the idle rung,
14No sagging the restful car,
15For the world leans high to the soul's young eye,
16And the hunt girds out too far.
17A breath from the lip of the orchid man,
18A touch from the ear of the mole,
19And the shout of the world at the womb unfurled
20Strikes a life to the unfound soul.
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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