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The Poems of Charles Baudelaire, trans. Frank Pearce Sturm (London: Walter Scott, 1906

1In Nature's temple living pillars rise,
2And words are murmured none have understood,
3And man must wander through a tangled wood
4Of symbols watching him with friendly eyes.
5As long-drawn echoes heard far-off and dim
6Minfle to one deep sound and fade away;
7Vast as the night and brilliant as the day,
8colour and sound and perfume speak to him.
9Some perfumes are as fragrant as a child,
10Sweet as the sound of hautboys, meadow-green;
11Others, corrupted, rich, exultant, wild,
12Have all the expansion of things infinite:
13As amber, incense, musk, and benzoin,
14Which sing the sense's and the soul's delight.
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