Circumstances Alter Cases

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J. S. Martinez, Caribbean Jingles. Dialect and Other Poems of British Honduras (Published by the Author, 388 Albert Street West, Belize, British Honduras [no date]): 1. RCS. D3078.3 Cambridge University Library [copy donated to the Royal Colonial Institute in London, March 1926].
1W'en dere's heap o' trouble 'round you,
2An' de worl' seem glum an' drear,
3An' yo's mighty push fo' money,
4An' can't get none anyw'ere
5Den yo' feel like life's a burden;
6An' yo' say a word o' prayer --
7"Oh! mi Lawd tek dis here body
8From dis misery an' care!"
9But w'en yo' pocket's full wid money,
10Quite anuff an' change to spare,
11An' dere's plenty friends aroun' yo'
12For to suck yo' dry an' bare,
13Den yo' feel like life's wort' livin',
14An' yo' kin' o' want to say --
15"Lawd! do mek me live for ever!
16In dis worl' please let me stay!"
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Ian Lancashire
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