Christmas Poem by My Mother

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Natalee Caple, The Semiconducting Dictionary (Our Strindberg) (Toronto: ECW Press, 2010): 5. PS 8555 A653S45 2010 Robarts Library
1It's Christmas
2And we need each other
3One tree is on the low sky
4I have seen that tree before
5Dreams across the hills collect
6Like silver knives in a velvet pouch
7An alien who landed here might say
8How busy we are how little time
9We have for each other
10Feelings teem beneath chaste berries
11So glad to see cold breath fall from loved ones' lips
12How awkward and how perfect the city
13The ice-skaters and the lights
14If I didn't tell you before let me tell you now
15I love you Merry Christmas
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Ian Lancashire
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