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Bruce Meyer, The Presence (Ashland, Oregon: Story Line Press, 1999): 51-52.

1A summer rain falls and dampens the smell
3collected on the curbside of Spadina Avenue
5touching its spines with a scientific curiosity
6and feeling its flesh for soft spots in the green.
7A streetcar inches on as the light turns green
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2] Chinatown: one of half-a-dozen districts in downtown Toronto, here the one straddling two bustling downtown thoroughfares, east-west Dundas Street and north-south Spadina Avenue.
bok choy: a Chinese cabbage. Back to Line
4] durian: large asian husked fruit with a strong, distinctive odor, disgusting to some, attractive to others. Back to Line
8] dim sum: Chinese cooked, bite-sized, and tastyfoods sometimes served in little baskets. Back to Line
9] wokked: cooked in a round-bottomed Chinese pan with a spatula. Back to Line
14] Whitman: Walt Whitman, the American poet, whose central work is titled Leaves of Grass. Back to Line
15] lichee: a small Chinese berry with a fragrant and sweet flesh. Back to Line
17] Euroness: the European sensibility, that mediated by the Euro. Back to Line
18] its: emended from printed is. Back to Line
21] Pandora's boxes: the first woman in Greek mythology,created by Zeus in revenge for the theft of fire from the gods by Prometheus, the woman who in curiosity opened a jar and released its contents -- all the miseries afflicting man -- with the exception of hope, remaining at the very bottom of the jar. Back to Line
30] Li Po: one of the greatest Chinese poets of the Tangdynasty. Back to Line
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