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The Poetical Works of David Bates, ed. Stockton Bates (Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen, and Haffelfinger, 1870): 8. Wesleyan University Library
1Reproach will seldom mend the young,
2    If they are left to need it;
3The breath of love must stir the tongue,
4    If you would have them heed it.
5How oft we see a child caressed
6    For little faults and failings,
7Which should have been at first suppressed
8    To save the after railings!
9If, when the heart would go astray,
10    You would the passion smother,
11You must not tear the charm away,
12    But substitute another.
13Thus it is pleasant to be led,
14    If he who leads will measure
15The heart's affection by the head,
16    And make pursuit a pleasure.
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Ian Lancashire
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